All about Stumble upon Rumble NFTs: NFT Utilities, Sales & Rarities

The first drop of NFTs by Stumble upon Rumble is coming up very soon. Let’s take a deep dive into SuR NFTs to get you excited!

Stumble upon Rumble
3 min readMar 11, 2022

Not your average NFTs

At Stumble upon Rumble, we decided to take a different route with the NFTs. We are not a Profile Picture project where everyone gets their own ‘unique NFT’ that in reality looks very similar.

Instead, NFTs in stumble upon Rumble are so-called cosmetics or skins. It means that by purchasing the NFT you enhance your in-game experience and achieve a unique look for your fighter.

Stumble upon Rumble NFTs come in a variety of customisation options

Customization is key here! We want our players to have no limits in expressing themselves in the game. That is why we offer different NFTs that can be combined together.

Our in-game NFTs don’t offer players any direct advantage. As a 100% skill-based game, we take pride in providing a fair competitive field with no pay-to-win options.

Stumble upon Rumble NFTs

There are 3 types of NFTs that you can obtain and use in the game: fighters, hats, and arenas.


You can customize the appearance of the fighter you are playing as. Some fighters do not only look different, but also have unique animations! Imagine, some fighters having a normal low-kick, while others performing a spinning high-kick, some fighters celebrating their victory by waving their arms up in the air, while others taking a respectful bow.


Different hats can create a unique fighting look for players.


The arena appearance is also customizable. As there are 2 fighters, we will automatically show the arena chosen by the fighter who is streaking and who won the last fight, aka the ‘home fighter’ from the red corner. This is another opportunity to show who is the winner here 😎

The hats and fighters are always visible when you join a server, so everyone sees your unique character walking around. Arenas are visible to all people in the room when you are streaking.

The cool thing here is that you can mix & match your NFTs. For example: if you have 3 hat NFTs, 2 fighter NFTs, and 2 arenas, you have 12 ways to combine them.

We are very excited to see your coolest-looking combinations!

NFT Rarity

Each type of cosmetic NFT is rare in that it is minted in a limited amount.

So what are the rarities then? As we mentioned, for the first NFT drop there will be 3 categories: hats, fighters, and arenas.

Each of these categories has a different limit per rarity. For instance, an arena is bigger and more unique than a hat.

Here are the numbers for our first NFT sale 👇

Quantities might be adjusted downwards from here = more variety!

There are different categories of NFTs by rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary.

Legendary NFTs are mainly for the most special milestones such as winning tournaments, and are likely the most valuable.

When the game gets popular and we have a huge community, quantities of new NFT drops would be adjusted to reflect that. Because a hat that is limited to 250 editions is still pretty darn rare for a game with 100k+ players 😉

Our first NFT drop: Gen0 NFTs by SuR

Our first NFT drop is planned for late March.

There will be a total of 10,000 Gen0 NFTs available in a mix of hats, fighters, and arenas. They won’t simply be the first items to ever exist in the Stumble upon Rumble game, which is already very cool…they will also have additional use cases. As an example, you will need to hold both a Gen0 NFT and our partner’s NFT to unlock certain partnership skins.

The NFTs will be split across Ethereum and Fantom, with the majority being on Ethereum. Future NFTs will be on Fantom entirely.

We will follow up with more details on the place and mechanics of our Gen0 NFT sale very soon. Make sure you are a part of our community, so you can be the first to know!

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