Custom Gloves Free Mint 🥊

You probably heard the BIG news… we’ve got an exciting free mint coming up!

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3 min readApr 4, 2023

Our loyal community members on Twitter and Discord have undoubtedly seen the news: we’re doing a free mint in the month of April. The free mint consists of custom gloves that can be worn on the base Rumbler character. This post will give you all the details you’ll need to know!

Why Free Mint? 🤔

The bear market has been tough on everyone and especially on the NFT market. What was slowly becoming a mainstream use case of crypto, has now become a niche with only a few thousand active participants left.

Out of this bear market a new trend emerged: free mints. They serve as the perfect reward for loyal community members who stuck around as well as a good incentive for new members. We see this value and thought it would be a great fit into our game!

What about Gen0?

The Gen0 NFTs that will consist of hats, fighters, and arenas remain the core collection of the Stumble upon Rumble ecosystem. They offer a much more outspoken way to customise your character and will have most of the utility like unlocking partnership cosmetics, getting access to special events & tournaments, and more. A new date will be announced in the coming weeks to months.

The Glove Mint

The Custom Glove collection is an NFT collection of 1500 NFTs. Every NFT is uniquely randomised out of 10 possible patterns with a unique color scheme. The same pattern and color combination of your NFT will be able to be worn inside the game, on a smaller canvas of course.. heh.

The mint is guaranteed. We will give away slightly more than 1500 WL spots to factor in possible no-shows - but it will only be by a tiny margin.

On the left you see a preview of the NFTs vs what they look like in game on the right

Glove NFTs & $GLOVE

$GLOVE, which is our upcoming fungible token, is of course a big part of what’s to come. It would be a totally missed opportunity if we didn’t make a connection between the two gloves.. Besides, it’s a great way to get some of our fungible tokens in the hands of our early supporters!

While we won’t provide full details yet, you can expect us to allocate a portion of our token supply towards this. After our IDO, we will then distribute these tokens based on how the gloves were used in the game.

How to get whitelisted?

There are two main ways to get one of those sweet, sweet WL spots. First, we regularly give away spots in the Discord. We do this in the form of fun contests and games. So make sure you join our Discord now! 👾

Second, we will be giving away a large portion to our partnered communities. As you all know, partner integrations is a big thing for us so we want to make sure our partner communities are a part of what we do. If you’re part of one of those communities, then make sure you keep out an eye for giveaways & fight nights there too!

We hope to see you in the ring soon! 🥊



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