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Just 2 more days until the custom Boxing Glove NFT mint is here. As you all know these NFTs can be used to customise the Rumbler’s boxing gloves in-game. But there is another feature we’ve been hinting at…

The $GLOVE token

Those who have read about the longer term plans for Stumble upon Rumble, know about the launch of a fungible token. The golden glove ($GLOVE) token is represented by golden boxing glove coins, and it is the blood of our Stumble upon Rumble economy.

The golden $GLOVE token is used for all the normal things an in-game hard currency is used for. Players can use it to buy new cosmetics, participate in live events, boss fights, etc. It is also the token that is rewarded to users for watching ads and participating in offers. Even more crucially, it is the currency that settles Player-to-Player Token Fights (wagers) and that players use to stake behind other players. Lastly, it is used by all of you to vote on governance proposals that decide on the priority of new SuR features and more.

Every piece of utility that comes with revenue comes with built-in token burns. This means that in the long run, the $GLOVE token will be deflationary.

The precious golden $GLOVE token

Introducing the airdrop

Considering we have a golden $GLOVE currency and this NFT collection consists of boxing gloves, it only made sense to link these two in some way 😉

As you know the boxing glove NFTs are extremely limited to only 1500 supply. We exclusively gave these away to people who were grinding in our Discord early, to those that were actively participating in our events, and to our closest partners who are represented with a character in the game and participated in our partnered Fight Nights.

We want to include and reward you all in our plans going forward, and that is why we want to include you in the upcoming launch of our $GLOVE token as well.

Airdrop details

In total we will be airdropping 2% of the total supply to our NFT holders. The airdropped tokens will be 50% unlocked at our TGE of which the date will be announced. The other 50% will be available 1 month after TGE.

At most these tokens will be airdropped to 1500 people, but if not everyone shows up to mint, we burn the rest of the supply. This means more tokens for everyone else!

The airdrop isn’t as simple as holding the NFT and get 1/1500th of the airdrop though. No no, we want to see you fight for it! The first 30% of the total airdrop will be guaranteed to you as an NFT holder, simply holding the NFT makes you eligible. But for the rest…

Grab those golden $GLOVEs using your custom glove NFTs!

The other 70%

The majority of the airdrop will be variable and based on your in-game performance. Every knock out you make earns you more tokens, meaning the more you play and the better you play, the more tokens you get. It is also rumoured that our 8 1/1 glove NFTs may have their wins counted more heavily…

It will work as follow: every week we will run multiple fight nights lasting roughly an hour each. We will do this for <redacted> weeks after which we will have our $GLOVE token launch and TGE. The Fight Night schedule for the following week will be posted on every Sunday before.

Will you be the top Rumbler and secure a massive airdrop for yourself?

Fight for those tokens!

When does it start?

We’re looking to start the Fight Nights next week Wednesday (May 31st), exact time TBA. Make sure you are there or your fellow Rumblers will be ahead of you from the get go!

Make sure you join our Discord to stay up to date. Any questions can be asked there too 👾



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