New Discord Rewards!

Exciting news Rumblers! We are adding a new system and more prizes in our Discord to compete for!

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3 min readMay 30, 2022

Anyone who has spent some time in our Discord knows about the events we love to host there. We take a lot of pride in going beyond the standard NFT Discord contests and actually come up with our own ideas for events, with amazing art from Ari included of course!

So far we have always been playing for WL spots, which is an amazing prize especially with the game and NFT launch being so close. But… we realized that a lot of our awesome community members now already have the WL role and are being left out.

Master of events CaptainSaveaNoob got to the point where he started winning just to give the WL spots to other community members… Robinhood is that you?

CaptainSaveaNoob: a man of the people

Introducing the new system

Instead of simply giving out roles, we are now adopting a special Discord-only currency named K.O.ins.

This currency can be won in various ways, for example by being an awesome community member, boosting the server, daily check-ins, being active in the chat, retweeting and engaging on Twitter, and most importantly: winning events.

Winning an event will grant you the most points of all activities and get you to those sweet, sweet prizes the quickest

The Prizes

  • WL spots: Of course, we need to keep our WL spots obtainable for new members or those who haven’t been able to win yet. That’s why every member will be able to purchase the WL role once.
  • $GLOVE airdrops: Yep! You heard that right. We want to make a prize that can be won over and over while still being as epic as winning it the first time. The GLOVE airdrop will come in multiple sizes at different price points and can be bought several times. So get in the Discord and get yourself set with some GLOVES before the game and wagering is released!
  • Discord Cosmetics: NFTs that unlock special cosmetics in the game. Exclusively available through Discord!
  • Your own 1/1 custom character NFT: The big daddy of all prizes. The ultimate flex. Being able to play as YOURSELF inside of Stumble upon Rumble. You’ll get paired up with Ari to make the design and before you know it you’ll be watching yourself get beaten up in the game. Don’t cheer too soon though, this prize will come at a massive cost and won’t be won for quite some time.
  • Merch: We know how badly you all want to flex that you are a Rumbler. Well, guess what… soon you’ll be able to do it in the 3D 4K HD Metaverse called real-life! You’ll look so good you’ll all find GFs and BFs in no time. But that means you’ll have less time to spend in the SuR community and game :(… Kind of shooting ourselves in the foot here.
  • More to come!: As time progresses we will continue to add more prizes to the pool. Especially once the game is live and more and more features are available to create prizes around.

Subject to change

Please note that everything related to this system is subject to change. We are about to release it for the first time and can not perfectly predict how fast and how many prizes will be won. So we might need to do some rebalancing once we have more info from trying it out.

What are you waiting for? Join our socials and win these prizes!!!

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Stumble upon Rumble

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