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3 min readFeb 23, 2022

As you may have seen in our recent sneak peek, we already have a bunch of amazing partnerships with some top-tier Fantom and Gaming projects. I hear you wondering… how do these partnerships work? We will tell you more about that here. In a later blog post, we will also briefly introduce each of our partners.

Our motivation

Besides our own designs and IP, we believe every player should be able to rep the communities they are a part of. For example, if you truly feel a part of the Cyber Neko community then you understandably want to rep that in as many places as you can. Plus, when playing together with your community members you want to be recognized as such!

It also gives more life to these communities. Right now, everything is quite isolated within these projects’ own communities. In our game, the characters come to life and meet characters from other projects. We see this creating a very fun dynamic of rivalry where projects will face off against another. Consider us the playing field of the Fantom ecosystem and crypto in general, a place where every community can come together to kick back and have some fun.

Beethoven X’s community facing-off against the Spookyswap community, 2022 colorized.

We also see a lot of value in integrating celebrities and influencers. Imagine Cobie from CT fight Bitboy. Would be pretty cool, right?

Obtaining the NFTs

Of course, these cosmetics should only go to members of the respective communities (you don’t want some random dude to claim that he’s part of your clique 😆). Hence we do not plan to sell any partnership NFTs, only our own designs. The partner NFTs will be made available for free to holders of other NFT projects. Simply holding their NFT in your connected wallet or being on a whitelist provided by the project, will allow you to select the skin in the game. The partnership characters will mostly not be NFTs themselves, as in that case we would do a one-off snapshot to reward holders at that moment rather than a continuously updating group of true community members.

For larger projects, we set the requirement for players to hold both a Gen0 NFT from us as well as an NFT from them. This is to not dilute the cosmetics in the game, as having 10k cosmetics available for all partnerships creates a massive supply. That could even make it more attractive for some players to simply buy one of the other communities’ NFTs rather than buying one of our NFTs directly to customize their characters.

What this also does is create extra value for our Gen0 NFT collection. The more projects we add, the more demand there is from other communities to hold a Gen0 NFT to get access to their character in the game.

Would you like to have your project integrated into our game? Jump in our discord and send one of the team members a message :)



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