Special Event NFTs are here!

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally put our Special Event NFTs onchain!

Stumble upon Rumble
4 min readJun 6, 2024

First things first, what are Special Event NFTs?
It’s more or less in the name, the Special Event NFTs are rewards that are given for special occasions or tournaments. For example, in-game tournament prizes, limited edition easter eggs or achievements, contests, social media rewards, and more.

Instead of making a separate collection for each prize, we figured it was better to group these into one so people could easily find them.

How many NFTs will there be in the collection?
There is no limit on the number of NFTs in this collection. This is an ongoing one, that we will continue to add NFTs to for years to come.

Where can I trade these NFTs?
The NFTs have been launched on the Fantom chain, which means the NFTs can not be traded on OpenSea as it does not support Fantom. You can trade them on PaintSwap and Altura though, two amazing marketplaces.

Screenshot of our collection on PaintSwap

The current NFTs

Currently, we have 5 different NFTs in the collection:

  • Early Bird

The Early Bird NFT was the first special event prize we gave out. It was a highly exclusive prize that cost quite a significant amount of K.O.ins in the Discord. It was only available in the early phases of our project, so the holders of this NFT are truly the ones who were grinding for K.O.ins* from the start.

  • $GLOVE Cap

Next is the $GLOVE Cap. This is a sleek black cap with a golden glove on the front, symbolizing our $GLOVE token. It was given as a token of appreciation to everyone who participated in our attempted public sale in the spring of 2023, which was later refunded.

  • Discord Arena

The Discord Arena is a personal favorite of ours. It’s an arena that players can fight in with some awesome details. Matching the name, the Discord Arena showcases some of our most active and supportive community members. So if you stick around and contribute to our community, you might just find your Discord PFP turned into a pixel character in the arena!

This arena can be purchased for 25000 K.O.ins in the Discord.

  • Discord Bot

This is a cool fighter cosmetic that players can customize their character with. It can be purchased for 12,500 K.O.ins in the Discord.

  • Discord Cap

A stylish blue cap with the Discord logo is available for purchase for 7,500 K.O.ins in the Discord.

Final Comments

We want to thank you all for your continued support over the past year. It’s been tough at times, and the fact that many of you stuck around gave us a lot of motivation to push through. We also want to thank Altura for their amazing software allowing us to launch this collection with ease.

There will be a lot coming for Stumble upon Rumble in the coming weeks, you might just be able to use these new items soon :)

*For context, K.O.ins is a non-tradable currency that is used exclusively in our Discord server. Players can earn it by checking in every day, winning events, and engaging on socials.



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