Stumble upon Rumble: Meet the Team

If you’ve been a part of our Discord you have probably spoken to us. Heck, if you’ve been sharp and looked at our website you have seen the real us. But who are we exactly and what are our backgrounds?

Stumble upon Rumble
5 min readApr 25, 2022

Over two years ago, our team got together to start the first phase of what is now Stumble upon Rumble. We are all long-time mobile gamers who were fed up with the dominant Pay-to-Win model that exploits players to extract as much money from them as possible. We all loved the retro games that were very skill-based and competitive, so we set out to make a 100% skill-based arcade-like game. We all had varying experiences in the crypto space as well, so the decision to integrate crypto features into the game was quickly made.

So who are the team members?

All pieces are personally written by the team members and written in first-person :)

David Seegers, Founder/CEO

As a jack-of-all-trades, I spent my time obtaining a degree in Economics, working in the mobile app space as well as in the crypto space.

I am a gamer at heart and my favorite titles include the old Zelda games, the Pokemon games, and the Call of Duty series. After getting an iPod touch in 2010, the mobile gaming space captured my heart.

Over a decade and thousands of hours of mobile gaming later, I could probably compete in thumb wrestling competitions!

Within the team, I am the ‘big picture’ type of guy. I take on the game designing aspects as well as that of the NFTs and GLOVE token. Who knew my degree would come in handy after all to make sure our economy is sound ;)

Jari Senhorst, CTO and Lead Game Developer

What started out as a hobby many years ago eventually led me to education in game development. After that, I started working in the mobile games industry. At first doing just game development, though shortly thereafter I started adding things like DevOps to the mix.

I started playing video games at a young age (they were an inspiration for me getting into programming in the first place!)

Amongst the games I enjoy are the Grand Theft Auto series, sandboxes like Space Engineers and the Battlefield franchise.

My day-to-day activities within the team are mainly focused on developing the game and servers, and making sure our overall tech setup continues to run smoothly and securely.

Ariyan Brkic, Art Director

Always fascinated and active in the gaming scene I’ve found my way into digital arts pretty early on and developed a wide palette of skills and experiences, which are the fundamentals for creating my art pieces.

Over the years I’ve got to analyze, practice and play around with a bunch of different (gaming) art types and stylistic effects, while simultaneously living the whole game experience myself. The fascination of the sheer limitless ways to create unique gaming related art and content had me striving to acquire as many techniques in order to create several unique art pieces myself.

Being able to be part of a bigger project like SuR and seeing all those separate art pieces turn into a whole one itself is another reason to me to keep working passionate and strive for perfection.

Whether it’s characters and their customizations, VFX, UI, HUD, backgrounds or NFTs, as Art Director of the project I’m designing and providing such to the game in SuR‘s personal art style.

Dilan Ordu, Lead of Socials & Community

I grew up loving Pixel-art games that are simple yet have a nostalgic vibe, so SuR was a project I wanted to be a part of right when the opportunity was given.

Being a practised social media marketing enthusiast, my origins in social managing lay back in 2018 when I’ve been administrating the socials for a real estate institution till early this year. After being introduced to the crypto space I started integrating myself to the space on several media.

What I really enjoy is to combine marketing with art and with those outcomes we are trying to share what’s happening within our project and community to the entire crypto space!

As the newest member of the core team I take care of the socials like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, love to create the posts and deliver what the community likes! :D

Danny van Beek, Game Developer and Technical Artist

My years in school have been somewhat indirect but I managed to get a Media Publishment degree and I recently finished my last year to become a Game Artist.

I’m an oldschool gamer and a Nintendo fan in general, I enjoy older games as much as I do new games. Most of the time you can find me shiny hunting in one of the Pokémon games or playing Apex Legends on PC.

I will almost never pass an opportunity to play with one of my friends since that’s just the best way to play games!

My role in the team is to implement all the art into the game, my pixelart making skills aren’t up to par of what’s being made now, so I make sure that everything is being put in the game nice and neatly. Which is honestly my favorite part since I can freely let my OCD brain go and nitpick every little detail to be perfect :D

We are happy that you know us a little better now. In the current crypto landscapes that is filled with rugs, we want to be as transparent as we can. We have a vision and will do our best to make it come true!

The OG Rumblers

We would love to meet you as well! Join our socials and come chat with us.

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Stumble upon Rumble

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