Stumble Upon Rumble’s Special event NFTs: What they are and how to earn them

Besides directly purchasing NFTs, certain NFTs can only be won for special accomplishments. In this post, we will dive into these special event NFTs!

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2 min readMar 14, 2022

NFTs as achievements

While we have will have plenty of NFTs for sale to ensure a wide variety of cosmetics for all, we strongly believe certain NFTs should remain special. Some cosmetics should show the player has done something exceptional!🏅

We think these NFTs add a deeper level to the game. Beyond just looking cool, cosmetics can now serve as a public showcase of achievement.

You can sense the epicness just looking at this template

How can they be earned?

There will be different ways to win them, but generally they all tie back into a competition of some sorts:

🏆 By placing high on the seasonal leaderboards

🏆 Winning in-game tournaments

🏆 Discord invite contests

🏆 Connect 4 tournaments

🏆 Meme contests

And many more to come.

Each will have their own recognizable look so everyone knows which contest it is from.

Special NFTs as play-to-earn

Due to the very nature of NFTs, the winner and owner of it is free to transact with it however he likes. Because of the rare nature of these special NFTs, they should be some of the most valuable cosmetics in the game. That means that whenever you win a competition, you are potentially earning something of great value, making all of these competitions play-to-earn.

The first special event NFT

Rumblers love to play connect 4 in our Discord, which is why we want to host a tournament for it soon.

Let us know if you want to participate for a chance to win the very first special event NFT! 🔥

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