The Importance of Social in Gaming

Social elements are crucial to today’s gaming experience. In this blog post, we look into its importance and explain the social element of Stumble upon Rumble.

Stumble upon Rumble
3 min readApr 18, 2022

Social elements have always played a big role in gaming. Whether it was the social experience of being at the local arcade, the phase of couch co-op, or the emergence of online games such as Runescape.

Since the pandemic started, the rise in social games has increased even further. With fewer opportunities to socialize in person, people fled to online games to meet and talk to other people. This is shown by the massive growth numbers as well as by looking at all of the best performing games since the pandemic such as Roblox, Among Us, Fall Guys, and more.

A survey taken among gamers shows the importance of social elements

The current crypto gaming market

The current crypto games are mostly isolating players. Many of the games are PvE (Player vs Enemy), and even the PvP (Player vs Player) ones are limiting the interactions between players to the very minimum. What you’ll mainly see is that you join a match with another player, you both do your thing (often turn-based) and afterward, your paths never cross again.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the social metaverses. These are so highly valued for a reason: places where players come together to socialize create bigger ties and opportunities than just a game does. But the thing with these metaverses is that there is very little to do; there is very little actual gameplay.

Social in Stumble upon Rumble

SuR is set up in a way that emphasizes the social experience. Players join servers of up to 30–40 people, where they can chat with each other, watch each other play, and of course join in the fight themselves. Beyond that people will be able to add each other as a friend so they can challenge each other in private matches as well as be able to find each other easily in-game servers.

Preview of an average SuR server

The benefits of having these social elements is large.

First, it creates a deeper connection for the players with the game itself. By creating advanced social ties with others, players do not only continue playing for the gameplay, but also for the friends they have made in the game.

It also creates longer games sessions. Players get into conversations with the others in the server while playing. From then on, it’s not just the gameplay keeping them online, but also the conversation they are having. Beyond that, it gives organic breaks for the player who does not wish to be constantly engaged in fighting.

Furthermore, it creates a deeper emotional involvement in the game itself. Sure the competition in any multiplayer game is fun, but if the player is trash-talking you the whole time it creates an even stronger urge to win. Of course, there will also be plenty of good sportsmanship, as players give each other tips on how to improve their strategy since SuR is a 100% skill-based game.

The social elements will go even deeper as time proceeds. Adding team-based modes is one of our top priorities on the roadmap. Players will be able to group with friends or with highly skilled players they’ve encountered in the servers to bundle their forces.

Social outside of SuR

Of course, the interactions aren’t just limited to interactions within the game. We aim to create a really close community that is connected constantly through other socials such as Discord and Twitter too. We will host and are hosting regular events where community members can come together to chat and have some fun. We are enjoying the social connections made with some of our community members a lot already! :)

Speaking of socials… make sure you join our community!

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