Stumble Upon Rumble’s 1st Connect 4 Tournament with an exclusive prize!

One thing has become clear… Rumblers love Connect 4. Maybe it’s because it’s skill-based and fair just like our game. We have decided that it is finally time for the first SuR Connect 4 Tournament!

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2 min readMar 23, 2022

The Prize
Most important is of course the prize! And let me tell you… the stakes are high. The winner of the tournament gets the first SuR Connect 4 NFT hat! :trophy: This event NFT can be recognized by its golden background and will be exclusively given out through various Connect 4 tournaments over time.

| To learn more about special event NFTs, visit our blog post here

The winner can choose to keep the NFT and flex the hat in our game, or they can choose to sell it for a sweet price. This technically makes this a Play-to-Earn tournament!

| The NFT will be airdropped to the winner shortly after our Gen0 NFT sale

Show everyone you have a giga brain by rocking this hat in-game

When is it?
The Tournament takes place on Friday the 25th of March at 3 PM EST. If you are participating you have to be on time or you could risk your spot being forfeited.

Where is it?
The tournament will be hosted in our Discord server by using the awesome Connect 4 bot. Have you not joined our server yet?

-> Join now:

How to participate?
To participate, sign up here. Fill in the registration form and you are good to go! The Registration will be open until Friday at 3 AM EST (12 hours before the tournament)

Because we will host it as a knock-out tournament, we can only have a number of participants which is to the power of 2. So 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. In the likely event that we do not end up with an exact number, we will choose random Rumblers who can join.

Tournament set up
As mentioned, it will be a knock-out tournament. Before it starts, we will randomly seed everyone to form brackets and we will share it in time.

At 3 PM EST, the matches will start. We will create multiple rooms to play and depending on how many participants we have we will distribute the start times.

If you are not there within 10 minutes of the start of your match, you will automatically lose. In the first round, we will try to replace no-shows with players who weren’t chosen due to chance.

In the semi-finals (last 4 players), matches will become best of 3 (first to two wins).

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday!

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our community!

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